Investment Analytics

Accurate and economically meaningful analytics are what one should expect from an investment analytics provider. However, in the era of big data and modern financial market complexity, actually deliving accuracy and meaninful analytics is a significant challenge. Opturo's performance engine provides accurate calculations at all levels of investment portfolios and at any point in time. Our innovative attribution engine enables users to build custom models on-the-fly, whether for fixed income attribution, decision attribution, or multi-asset portfolios, and integration with third party factor models can be deployed rapidly.

Our company's culture is based upon a passion for building and developing solutions. Opturo offers your firm with the opportunity to partner with some of the industries most innovative developers. Our platform is not a "black box" and has been built to provide the flexibility and scalability to be configured to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether the center piece of a best of breed approach to your back/middle/front office systems, or a tactical solution used to compliment functional gaps in legacy systems, Opturo is positioned to be a responsive partner in offering and developing the investment analytics your firm requires in the present and the future.

Asset Managers

Institutional asset managers operate businesses with broad investment analytical and data management requirements. Opturo's platform offers Asset Managers with a broad menu of tools to address practical business challenges. The following is an itemized example of how an Asset Management business can deploy Opturo's platform. This example is comprehensive, but the platform was designed to be modular and enables specific solutions be deployed rather than imposing an "all or nothing" decision.

Performance & Attribution

  • Accurate performance calculation at all levels of portfolios, including derivatives, eliminating error terms and securing investment staff buy-in.
  • Flexible attribution modeling which enable alignment of reporting with business requirements. Traditional industry models available, as well as enhanced versions developed to better analyze how investment decision makers drive alpha and risk.
  • Bolt-on solution which can integrate with exhisting IBOR/ABOR systems such as Eagle, Geneva, etc.
  • Source requisite analtyical data such as benchmark, segment, and attribute data from any 3rd party vendor or system, including Bloomberg, Reuters, Rimes, etc.
  • Utilize any ex-ante or factor model and apply to ex-post portfolio returns.
  • Truly automate and streamline the sourcing and consolidation of requisite data from multiple systems, sources and file formats.

Composite Management

  • Composite construction and reporting may be fully automated for an unlimited number of composites and accounts using Opturo's fully scalable and dedicated composite solution, VICAP.
  • VICAP is a stand alone and comprehensive composite management solution. It is not a "throw in" as part of a larger integrated platform, such as is included in most competing systems.
  • Composite construction and reporting using daily data may be utilized to avoid large cash flow rules required by GIPS. Along with the overall automation with VICAP, can dramatically reduce the amount of human resources required to be allocated to composite-related workflow.
  • Simplify the verification process and rapidly accelerate your timeline for achieving GIPS compliance, which can help business development and marketing efforts.
  • "Lock down" historical returns and seemlessly integrate with newly calculated composite returns.


  • Customize, configure, automate and distribute reports within timely and reliable workflow processes.
  • Opturo can integrate with any 3rd party application or platform to enhance reporting flexibility, whether it is BI vendords such as Tableau, or report writers.
  • Utilize Opturo's App Builder application to tailor reports specifically for the requirements of each business group and use case. For example, data and relevant settings may be configured specifically for the marketing group, who may configure reports according to preferred color palette, font, logos, etc.
  • Output analytical data to any database, data warehouse, excel, PDF, or text.

Data Management

  • Opturo platform architecture strategically designed to address the robust and complex data management requirements of modern Asset Management businesses.
  • Virtual Investment Analytics (VIA) enterprise data management platform is Opturo's proprietary solution. Along with our SAYS platform, which is a cloud hosted version of VIA, users can normalize data from disparate systems and formats.
  • Opturo's business model is to deploy our platfrom in alignment with each user's business model, rather than impose our system: Cloud hosted or local install, Oracle or SQL, any ABOR/IBOR system, insource or outsource business model.
  • Leverage the data management tools within VIA and SAYS in order to help address functional gaps in other systems and applications.

Analyze Reports in Excel, PDF, and Web-based Interactive Formats