Composite Management

Regardless of your firm’s profile and composite management needs, Opturo has a solution you should seriously consider. Whether your firm is a trillion dollar Fund Administrator or an RIA with $100 million in a single composite, Opturo offers the most robust and flexible solutions in the marketplace. We’ve spent over a decade focused on building and innovating products that are focused on composite management.

Unlike many industry products, we don’t “throw in” composite management as part of a high cost bundle. Please take a few moments to explore our VICAP Enterprise and Compose products – we are confident you’ll be impressed and find something with which we can help.


Opturo has developed VICAP, a comprehensive, multi-currency rapid deployment solution designed to provide a complete composite performance & assets reporting platform for achieving and maintaining GIPS® compliance. VICAP is available through Opturo's on-site as well Cloud Hosted deployments. Both deployments leverage the VIA platform to offer the most comprehensive, flexible and cost effective composite creation-maintenance-reporting solution. VICAP puts GIPS® compliance within the reach of any firm.

VICAP has been leveraged to enable clients to become compliant quickly and cost effectively. This “out-of-the-box” solution can get clients on the road to compliance in less than a day. The product is specifically designed to integrate with all third-party and in-house accounting/books & records systems and custodian data files.


How do clients use our Compositing products?


Differentiating products and services in an industry of large and well-resourced competitors can be very challenging. Is your firm providing cutting edge applications and solutions to your clients? Opturo offers the industry’s most robust Composite Management software solution. You can provide your customers with the ability to build custom composites using firm-specific rules, all while eliminating the burden of monitoring large cash flow rules by providing composite creation using daily data. Opturo is able to source and integrate data with any third party application, so you can offer your customers the ability to use the reporting tools and solutions they require. And best of all, Opturo offers the ability to automate and batch the entire composite construction and reporting process, including building in specific workflow requirements.

Local Install

Certain enterprises either prefer or require full control of their hardware, compliance and security infrastructure. Opturo remains committed to supporting those clients whose business models prefer/require a local install, and we continue to innovate and develop our platform with those clients in mind. An Opturo local install includes direct access to our VIA enterprise data management platform, including our proprietary IDE. Opturo works with each client to optimize what aspects of the platform are supported internally versus supported by Opturo. Thus, we allow your business model to comprehensively drive platform architecture, including support.

Cloud Hosting

Opturo provides Cloud Hosting services for all of its major products: Performance & Attribution, Ex-Post Analysis, Risk Assessment, and VICAP compositing for GIPS® compliance. By choosing the Cloud Hosting solution, clients avoid the time, cost and expertise necessary to set up, store and properly maintain a data warehouse. With Opturo Cloud Hosting, clients can receive batch reporting and analyze their data using either Opturo's on-site desktop application suite or over the web using ODIN, Opturo's web-based deployment.

Analytics Engines

Some enterprises maintain legacy platforms upon which they are heavily invested, and for which the hurdle rate for change is very high. Opturo's modular architecture enables our analytics engines to be licensed in an a la carte fashion, and integrated within legacy platforms. For example, our performance and/or attribution engines could be licensed to replace legacy calculation engines which has trouble dealing with contemporary issues such as notional products and derivatives.