Ex-Post Analytics

Automate and scale batch performance reporting within your firm’s existing data infrastructure.

Analyze an extensive set of ex-post statistics and add any custom statistics using our business logic layer.

Product Features

  • Monitor performance over monthly periods, calendar years, and rolling periods
  • Track risk statistics such as Sharpe Ratio, Tracking Error and VaR.
  • Scalable, batched return reporting for YTD, MTD, QTD, 3-Year, 5-Year, etc.
  • Bolt-on solution to fit your current system or our ODIN cloud-hosted platform
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ODIN Ex-Post Analytics

The ability to automate and scale batch reporting is paramount for many investment firms. ODIN Ex-Post Analytics can be implemented in a matter of hours and integrated within your firm’s existing data infrastructure.

As a bolt-on solution, ODIN Ex-Post Analytics will be extremely low maintenance and offer the specific analytics engine and reporting your firm needs when it comes to ex-post return and risk.

Ex-Ante Risk Analytics

Opturo’s Risk Assessment plug and play module can perform detailed risk analysis using multiple third party or in-house factor based risk models. The risk models used can be fully integrated within the Opturo platform. Users can analyze risk characteristics of a fund at a point-in-time or a time-series risk assessment; decompose changes in risk due to trade and model impact, and use trade weights and returns for back testing

How do clients use our Ex-Post Analytics products?

Wealth Managers

Whether you are a Wealth Manager with one composite and 50 client accounts, or an RIA firm with thousands of client accounts, Ex-Post Analytics can offer you an easy-to-implement solution for your ex-post return and risk needs. If you maintain composites, Opturo's products can be used to run return and risk analytics relative to a selected benchmark. The same can be done for one or more representative client accounts. ODIN Ex-Post Analytics is available for firms with robust automation and batch reporting needs, while our SAYS platform offers a version of Ex-Post Analytics for firms without those requirements.