Enterprise Data Governance

Enterprise Data Governance provides a Bolt-On platform to define policies and rules in real-time across the entire enterprise to securely access and protect sensitive data. Data from sources across the entire enterprise can be restricted, anonymized, masked, and filtered for any assigned users. It accomplishes this on-demand without making copies of the data. Opturo's Data Governance platform can create data governance policies for sources for any Databases including any Excel and Text files.

The platform supports different policy types: Data Anonymization, Full Access, Restricted Access To, and Filter Data. Purposes (or projects) can contain a set of policies, and users can then be assigned to these purposes.

Once policies & purposes have been defined, users can access the data sources using Opturo's query tool with those policies and purposes applied in real-time. This Bolt-On solution provides any enterprise across any industry firm-level data security in matter of days.

The platform provides an expansive list of anonymization routines including Masking, Pseudonymization, Swapping, Perturbation, Encryption and Masking key data elements in Free Text. Opturo's AI enhanced Free Text Search functionality allows for identifying 138 types of sensitive data elements including US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER, US_DRIVERS_LICENSE_NUMBER, US_HEALTHCARE_NPI, LAST_NAME and CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER. The free text feature can be used to scan entire data environments (databases, text, excel and other sources) for locating and securing sensitive data.

The Opturo Advantage

Integrated with VIA

New custom VIA Processes are created quickly using Opturo’s VIA IDE Application which leverages the robust data management/custom solution/application integration functionality of the VIA Platform.

App Builder Query Tool

Product comes with a query tool to give users the ability to access data sources with the applied policies & purposes

Activity Log Record

It provides an audit log for any time a user queries a data source that has policies and purposes applied to it.

User-level Entitlements & Security

Product provides user entitlements for added security and control.

Web Service Enabled

Allows for Data Governance to be executed remotely or integrated with other systems.

Integrated to Network Processing

The product is seamlessly integrated with Network Processing to perform batched anonymization and masking on multiple machines.

Key Benefits


Opturo’s various analytical solutions can be implemented in a fraction of the time of competing systems, as we leverage each client’s unique infrastructure. Data formatting, replication and synchronization issues can be minimized or eliminated with an Opturo implementation.


Users may select the language they prefer when utilizing the platform, which includes the web-based GUI and reports exported into PDF files. Don’t see your preferred language in those we offer? We are able to rapidly add client requested languages that are not currently supported.

Speed and Scalability

Opturo’s innovative architecture provides clients with a platform which can be scaled to meet the needs and scope of any project. Whether leveraging significant proprietary data infrastructure or going to the cloud, Opturo can help the largest enterprises address their big data challenges.

Advanced Reporting

Opturo offers clients the industry’s most robust suite of reporting and visualization tools. Transparent data and model calculations allow cascading time series drill-down visualization. Clients are provided the tools to create custom reports themselves, or they can leverage our professional staff to assist.

Flexible Customization

Is your infrastructure robust enough to meet the challenges and opportunities the future may present? Opturo offers our clients a modular platform which is inherently flexible and able to respond to emergent trends and requirements, whether it be for data management, reporting or analytical needs.

Cloud or Local Deployment

Opturo can be deployed in the cloud or within a client’s existing infrastructure. Opturo is agnostic and works with each client to insure a deployment that makes the most sense for each client’s business priorities, whether they are regulatory-driven or business model preference.