About Opturo

Opturo®, Latin for Optimal Management, is a technology company specializing in providing reliable, innovative, practical and cost effective solutions to help optimize operational services for the financial industry and beyond.

Backed by extensive financial industry experience and state-of-the-art technology, we also provide products and services in the areas of Performance, Attribution, Ex-Post Analysis, GIPS Composite Management and Custom Investment Reporting.

Opturo services clients throughout the world, with over $600 billion run through our platform. In addition to the US and Canada, Opturo services clients in Latin America, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. Opturo also has a full service marketing and support partner in Asia. While our Enterprise Data Management platform, robust analytics and dynamic reporting can be leveraged by any organization, our current roster of clients include:

Fund Administrators

Institutional Money Managers

Public Pension Funds

Corporate Pension Funds

Registered Investment Advisors

Sovereign Wealth Funds

International Banks

When Opturo was founded in 2008, we evaluated the existing Investment Analytics Vendor Solutions and found two major flaws:

  • Implementations of these systems took years or sometimes failed. This can be traced to the need to replicate data that already existed within an environment into new Database schemas. This lead to increased data replication & synchronization issues and maintenance overheads.
  • Firms typically outgrew these products in matter of years because of the inherent lack of Flexibility due to the system’s "Black Box" architecture. In these systems the analytical engine were tightly coupled to the data model and any change required months of planning and development.

Our objectives were to design a platform that avoided the above pitfalls by providing Bolt-On solutions which were data source agnostics and seamlessly incorporated the firm’s custom business logic. Hence, Opturo pioneered the concept of a “Solutions Platform” that provided a stateless and modular API based approach to designing and implementing any process or custom application.

VIA, an acronym for “Virtual Implementation Architecture” has evolved over the years to become a first of its kind market offering that helps any firms across any industry streamline, automate and manage all its data driven Operations Processes.

VIA provides the foundational platform to other value-added products including Web Services, Distributed Computing, Workflow Management and Tactical Solutions Platform. Together they offer a suite of products that provide the necessary tools to help firms achieve a high-level of operational efficiency while significantly lowering costs.

It is the mission of Opturo® to deliver superior information and technology solutions to our clients to optimize their operational processes. We strive to achieve successful outcomes, with flexible and customizable, cost-effective products and services. We place specific emphasis on unparalleled customer service, through the individual and combined synergetic commitment of our professionally talented team.


Accomplish More With Operational Efficiency

Opturo has pioneered a platform with a suite of integrated products that provide the ability to ACCOMPLISH MORE WITH LESS:

  • Technical, Business and System Resources
  • Short/Long term Expenditure
  • Short/Long term Maintenance Overhead

Data Management and Business Intelligence platforms offered by most vendors only go so far and do not provide the wide ranging flexibility to help solve all issues. Hence they just add to the already existing spaghetti mix of data, disparate systems and homegrown tactical solutions.

The client is better served with a generic source-agnostic plug & play platform that offers a modular architecture, provides unlimited flexibility to design/implement any process or custom solution and scalability to meet time sensitive deadlines.

A platform that adapts to each firm’s needs, not the other way around offers unlimited use cases that include:

  • Rapidly creating Web Service Reports that allow existing systems to communicate effectively and in real-time without the need for scheduled file/data extracts
  • Using Application Builder product to service custom client reporting requirements by offering web service enabled dynamically linked data tables/PDF/Excel/HTML reports.
  • Leveraging "Solutions Platform" allows firms to build and deploy customized solution without the need for new scripting/coding.
  • Integrating to Workflow Management tools that allow firms to effectively monitor and manage their daily operational flows through a centralized dashboard
  • Scaling on-demand through Distributed Computing without restriction through a centralized web-based dashboard and avoiding excess manual intervention