The Opturo Envision reporting engine offers interactive visualization focused on customized business intelligence. This next generation reporting tool allows clients to create and share dynamic reports using any business data, whether it is performance, attribution, or risk, as well as corporate financial or marketing data. The reports can be shared with anyone via an encrypted HTML file that allows report recipients to interact with a report using any major web browser.

Custom Reporting

The Opturo platform allows users to export data to a custom output source. It can be leveraged to export analysis data to a customized report. Custom reports can be created and integrated within the platform in order to automate generation and distribution. For example, performance data generated by the Performance Attribution module can be exported to a custom Excel, PDF or HTML report, and then distributed automatically to the email boxes of each member of an investment team.

Opturo offers two custom reporting solutions, a web-based report template generator and an API-based report builder.

API-Based Report Builder

API-Based Report Builder

Web-Based Report Builder

Web-Based Report Builder

Visualize data in real-time using our Web Services or Adaptive Real-Time Reporting (ART) capabilities.

Web Services

Opturo Web Services allows full access to the powerful VIA data management engine through a simple web call. All VIA processes can be executed using the Opturo Web Service. The output of that process will then be returned in a format that is easy for web and desktop applications to parse for consumption. Whether you would like to use the power of the VIA engine in an in-house application, or as part of a custom-designed process, the Opturo Web Service allows for ultimate flexibility. It has flexible output types that allow for easy integration with your application or process. The full power of the VIA engine is exposed through the Web Service.

The ODIN Web Service has been designed for ease of use. Whether you are a business user or a developer, the ODIN Web Service will deliver the results you need with minimal effort on your part.


Adaptive Real-Time Reporting (ART)

Opturo's Adaptive Real Time (ART) reporting module leverages the Opturo performance engine to offer users a streamlined real-time reporting interface. Portfolio data can be aggregated using any logic and performance can be reported and monitored over any desired timeframe. ART also leverages Opturo's VIA enterprise data management platform to allow users to consolidate disparate data sources into a single real-time reporting interface.

Application Builder

Opturo’s Application Builder provides clients with the tools to create customized applications while leveraging the power of the VIA data management platform. The Application Builder can be used to build any process using any data and output that data to various output types including grid view, Opturo’s Envision and customized reporting. It can be displayed as a standalone application or included in an iframe in a third party or in-house application. Whether providing analytics to investors or reports on marketing data, Opturo’s Application Builder provides clients with an efficient and scalable way to address business challenges.