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Since 2008, Opturo has provided holistic approaches to achieving and maintaining peak operational efficiency within the financial industry and beyond.

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U.S. PATENTED Fully Integrated Data, Analytics, & Reporting Platform that Empowers your Users

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Investment Analytics

Best of Breed Performance, Risk, Attribution, Composite Management and Reporting

Investment Analytics

Operational Efficiency

Tools that Streamline and Automate all aspects of the Operations Cycle

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Our cloud-hosted solutions powered by AWS

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On-site bolt-on analytics & operations optimization

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Featured Products

Performance & Attribution

Scalable, batched performance reporting for your funds and benchmarks

  • Ensure accurate performance
  • Batch and scale your performance reporting
  • Deploy Brinson (BHB, BF or Advanced) attribution analysis
  • Analyze any investment strategy with universal asset coverage

GIPS® Composite Management

Simplify and automate your GIPS® composite construction & reporting

  • Build and test unlimited number of composites
  • Generate daily, monthly, or any custom period composites
  • Enjoy end to end automation of composite creation and reporting
  • Simplify process to get verified

Process Data & Reporting Fast

Leverage our distributed computing and network processing dashboard to do investment and data analytics at scale.

Process Your Data

Connect Multiple Data Sources

Merge and utilize data from multiple data sources and any data format.

Connect Data Sources

Monitor & Manage Your Data Workflows

Manage running workflows and signal when reports and processes complete.

Monitor Workflows