The Opturo Envision reporting engine offers interactive visualization focused on customized business intelligence. Envision can source any data to address real world business challenges, whether related to performance and attribution, composite management, marketing or financial reporting.

Reports can be created and distributed to any recipient via an encrypted HTML file using any major web browser. Report generation and distribution can be automated or performed on an ad hoc basis. Opturo users may exercise complete control over which visualization tools and settings are made available to report recipients. Complete data transparency enables the Envision engine to offer multi-layered report creation, which leverages the dynamic and interactive functionality. Report recipients are able to “drill down” through reports and enhance their understanding of information.

The Opturo Advantage

End-to-End Automation

Automate the creation and distribution of interactive Envision reports and share them with anyone with access to any major internet browser.

Data Agnostic

Use the Envision reporting engine to provide interactive visualization for any data set, whether it be marketing, regulatory/compliance or financial.

User Control

Opturo’s clients retain full control over the specific visualization tools and settings available to report recipients.

Problem Solving

Envision’s flexibility allows users to address real world business reporting challenges, which can range from reporting financial information to a board of directors, to sharing performance data with clients.

Product Development

Opturo’s culture of innovation results in regular Envision enhancements and the ability and willingness to add visualization functionality as client needs evolve.

Drill-Down Graphics

Create reports which allow recipients to intuitively interact via cascading drill-down data across a broad spectrum of visualization tools.

Key Benefits


Opturo’s various analytical solutions can be implemented in a fraction of the time of competing systems, as we leverage each client’s unique infrastructure. Data formatting, replication and synchronization issues can be minimized or eliminated with an Opturo implementation.

Meaningful Analytics

Gain a competitive advantage by deploying analytics which reflect your investment professionals’ actual decision making processes. Restrictive “black box” analytics can be a thing of the past when you use Opturo’s pioneering marriage of enterprise data management with innovative analytics.

Speed and Scalability

Opturo’s innovative architecture provides clients with a platform which can be scaled to meet the needs and scope of any project. Whether leveraging significant proprietary data infrastructure or going to the cloud, Opturo can help the largest enterprises address their big data challenges.

Advanced Reporting

Opturo offers clients the industry’s most robust suite of reporting and visualization tools. Transparent data and model calculations allow cascading time series drill-down visualization. Clients are provided the tools to create custom reports themselves, or they can leverage our professional staff to assist.

Flexible Customization

Is your infrastructure robust enough to meet the challenges and opportunities the future may present? Opturo offers our clients a modular platform which is inherently flexible and able to respond to emergent trends and requirements, whether it be for data management, reporting or analytical needs.

Cloud or Local Deployment

Opturo can be deployed in the cloud or within a client’s existing infrastructure. Opturo is agnostic and works with each client to insure a deployment that makes the most sense for each client’s business priorities, whether they are regulatory-driven or business model preference.