GIPS® Composite Management

Robust, flexible composite construction engine and extensive suite of GIPS® reporting

First developed in 2008, our innovative composite management solutions have the functionality to support the new GIPS® 2020 standards.

Product Features

  • Full composite management solution to assist with GIPS® verification
  • Bolt-on reporting engine or our VICAP cloud hosted platform
  • Powerful composite rules engine to create your composites
  • Extensive composite disclosure and summary reporting
  • Scale to 10,000+ composites and 1,000,000+ accounts
  • Integrates with commonly used platforms: Advent Axys, LPL Financial, Portfolio Center, Tamarac and more

Opturo GIPS® 2020 Tools NEW

Opturo’s Composite Management Solutions can now produce the necessary information needed when reporting under the 2020 GIPS standards.

  • Pooled Fund Reporting: Supports both Time Weighted and Money Weighted return methodologies
  • Composite Carve-out Reporting: Additional tools available to generate carve-out performance for either actual or synthetic cash allocations
  • Net of Estimated Transaction Cost Calculator: The firm may use this tool for those portfolios for which actual transaction costs are not known


Opturo has developed VICAP, a comprehensive, multi-currency rapid deployment solution designed to provide a complete composite performance & assets reporting platform for achieving and maintaining GIPS® compliance. VICAP is available through Opturo's on-site as well Cloud Hosted deployments. Both deployments leverage the VIA platform to offer the most comprehensive, flexible and cost effective composite creation-maintenance-reporting solution. VICAP puts GIPS® compliance within the reach of any firm.

VICAP has been leveraged to enable clients to become compliant quickly and cost effectively. This “out-of-the-box” solution can get clients on the road to compliance in less than a day. The product is specifically designed to integrate with all third-party and in-house accounting/books & records systems and custodian data files.


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Opturo GIPS® Verification Extract NEW

Opturo offers a set of reports in the Verification Extract that GIPS® verifiers can utilize for monthly, quarterly, and annual composite reporting. The extract is easily created and features an extensive set of account and composite return and risk statistics.

If you are a consultant or GIPS® composite verifier, please feel free to reach out to us to get more information. You can download the report details here.

  • Composite Account Membership Report
  • Composite Analytics Return Summary Report
  • Composite Disclosure Report
  • Account Level Statistics Report
  • And More

How do clients use our Compositing products?


Differentiating products and services in an industry of large and well-resourced competitors can be very challenging. Is your firm providing cutting edge applications and solutions to your clients? Opturo offers the industry’s most robust Composite Management software solution. You can provide your customers with the ability to build custom composites using firm-specific rules, all while eliminating the burden of monitoring large cash flow rules by providing composite creation using daily data. Opturo is able to source and integrate data with any third party application, so you can offer your customers the ability to use the reporting tools and solutions they require. And best of all, Opturo offers the ability to automate and batch the entire composite construction and reporting process, including building in specific workflow requirements.