Return & Risk powered by SAYS

SAYS offers robust ex-post return and risk analytics for any frequency of portfolio and benchmark time series data. Performa may be deployed rapidly to provide users with on-demand analytics and reporting. Monitor performance over monthly periods, calendar years, and rolling periods, while also tracking risk statistics such as Sharpe Ratio, Tracking Error and VaR.

Regardless of the source and format of your portfolio data, SAYS can have your ex-post return and risk needs addressed rapidly.

Return & Risk Analysis

Comprehensive ex-post performance and risk analytics

The analytics may be accessed through Opturo's SAYS platform, which offers a cloud and cache based solution for your ex-post return and risk needs. Users may upload data files in any format using SAYS’ easy-to-use tools and data wizards. Opturo offers no-cost data templates for clients, so if the extract files from your accounting or another system aren’t currently supported, please let us know and we may be able to add a template at no cost. Once you’ve completed your one time setup, ex-post return and risk analytics and reporting will be only a few clicks away.

  • Ex-post return data available as both time series and rolling period
  • Ex-post risk statistics such as Beta, Sharpe Ratio, maximum drawdown, etc.
  • Ability to utilize market-based risk free rates
  • Compare return and risk data across multiple portfolios

Return & Risk Analysis Packages

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Reports may be generated as data output, which users may export to Excel, or via formatted report files in either PDF or Excel. Analytics may be generated comparing any portfolio and benchmark for which users have data, as well as the ability to compare multiple portfolios and benchmarks in a single report. For those reports to which users have subscribed, there is no limit to the number of reports that can be run. Online support is available to assist should you encounter any issues, so please let us know if we can help.