Benchmark Management powered by SAYS

The selection of benchmarks is an important part of building efficacious analytics. Our Benchmark Management solution provides users with a rapid way to build custom and blended benchmarks using any user-defined composition.

As long as you have the necessary weightings and return data, Benchmark Management can help you incorporate any benchmark blend into your analytics, including the ability to define rebalancing frequencies for each blend.

Blended Benchmarks

Build and maintain custom and blended benchmarks

Our Benchmark Management solution offers users a simple step by step method to build and maintain custom and blended benchmarks. Users must define a unique identifier for each Benchmark and Blend, a description for each Blend, upload time series return data for each Benchmark, define desired Blend percentages, and any rebalancing frequency. User-directed optional data may also be added to further enhance the Benchmark Management solution.

  • Create custom Benchmark Blends
  • Assign desired rebalancing frequency
  • Add spread return requirements when desired - i.e. "X" index plus 50 bps
  • Include optional functionality like multi-currency and constituent level data

Benchmark Management Packages

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Benchmark Management reports may be generated and viewed in the application UI, and users may also export relevant Benchmark data to Excel. For those reports to which users have subscribed, there is no limit to the number of reports that can be run. Online support is available to assist should you encounter any issues, so please let us know if we can help.