Data Management, Subscription & Analysis Toolbox powered by SAYS

The SAYS platform provides users with access to a cloud hosted version of Opturo's proprietary data management solution, VIA. Solutions are available in a modular fashion, which enables users to address specific data related workflow challenges. Calculations and tasks frequently performed within Excel are a particular focus.

Our team uses the SAYS platform as a solutions builder, so if you currently confront a challenge or workflow within Excel which you wished were more automated, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to add the desired functionality to the SAYS platform.

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    The SAYS platform provides users with a cloud hosted solution which can leverage the power of in-memory databases, as well as applications such R, Matlab and Groovy.

    Combined with third party applications, users can extract and/or validate data, implement and systemize any custom business logic, all while streamlining and automating any business or data process.

    If you do not currently see a solution to meet your needs, please let us know what problem you are trying to solve, and we may be able to help!