Performance & Attribution powered by SAYS

The modular design of our SAYS platform enables Opturo to offer users a tactical approach to addressing performance and attribution requirements. Users may subscribe to access portfolio level performance analytics and reporting using market values and flows to enable TWR and/or IRR return methodologies. For those users who require more robust security-level analytics, including decision attribution, users can generate accurate performance and attribution to the deepest level the data will allow.

Leverage the power of the SAYS platform to address your performance and attribution needs.

Flow-Based Performance

Accurate performance calculations at the level of any defined portfolio for any period of time

Portfolio level performance using market values and inflows/outflows may be calculated within the SAYS platform using, at the portfolio level, either multi-period Dietz or exact IRR methodologies or an exact TWR method if valuations are available on each day with a flow. We also offer multiple Dietz methodologies at the component or issue level within each day. This module is ideally suited for calculating performance for portfolios containing illiquid alternative assets and, when the component level data is available, includes the ability to segment assets and utilize drilldown reporting.

Read how Opturo's proprietary IRR engine fixes the issues found in traditional IRR calculations like Excel's XIRR function.

Download the Excel spreadsheet that illustrates the issues with Excel's XIRR.

  • Private Equity performance
  • Private Real Estate performance
  • Infrastructure performance
  • Venture Capital performance

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Performance & Attribution reports may be generated and viewed in the application UI, from which users may export data to Excel. PDF and Excel formatted reports are also available to be generated and exported. For those reports to which users have subscribed, there is no limit to the number of reports that can be run at no extra cost. Online support is available to assist should you encounter any issues, so please let us know if we can help.