Investment Analytics

Turnkey Cloud-hosted Solutions for Performance, Attribution, Return/Risk Analysis & GIPS® Composite Management

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Cloud-hosted solutions powered by AWS

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Seamless bolt-on integration with established custodians, accounting and third-party data systems

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Unified Reporting across all your Investment Needs

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APIs for our analytical engines

Month to month subscription service that can be canceled anytime. There are no long-term contracts and implementation costs. Simple three step process:

  • Sign-up for an account and enter credit card details
  • Subscribe to package of service that match your requirements
  • Upload data from several supported platforms and generate customizable reports

Performance & Attribution

Developed by experts in the field to provide precision and economically meaningful analytics.

  • Compare fund and benchmark data
  • Ensure accurate performance
  • Deploy Brinson (BHB, BF or Advanced) attribution analysis
  • Analyze any investment strategy with universal asset coverage

Ex-Post Return & Risk Analytics

Perform ex-post return and risk characteristics analysis for any given stream of returns.

  • Measure a strategy's alpha
  • Calculate Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) risk statistics
  • Evaluate any periodicity
  • Determine risk-adjusted returns

Composite Management

Simplify and automate composite management.

  • Build and test unlimited number of composites
  • Generate daily, monthly, or any custom period composites
  • Enjoy end to end automation of composite creation and reporting
  • Simplify process to get verified


Explore and collaborate using
state of the art visualization tools.

  • Create dynamic and interactive web-based reports
  • Impress your clients with next generation reports
  • Customize reporting to address real world challenges
  • Batch reporting to automate creation and distribution