SAYS Platform Help

What is SAYS?

Software at Your Service (SAYS) is a cache based cloud hosted solution builder which provides users with the platform and tools to build custom applications by leveraging the power of VIA, Opturo's enterprise data management solution. SAYS can be deployed in a variety of ways to help users address reporting and analytics while incorporating firm-specific business intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Monthly subscription pricing model – Avoid long-term contracts.
  • A la carte and modular architecture – Allows users to subscribe to only those applications which meet specific requirements.
  • Low overhead – Leveraging the SAYS platform’s proprietary data architecture can reduce the cost of maintaining "in house" infrastructure.
  • Unlimited reporting – Subscribers have the ability to run an unlimited volume of reports.
  • Flexible and responsive product design – SAYS utilizes configuration files which may be easily adjusted and insures rapid response times when changes are required or desired.
  • API integration – SAYS can be integrated with any 3rd party API.
  • Business logic – Deploy your specific business logic to create reports which are structured to meet your requirements.
  • Fast setup – SAYS offers subscribers the ability to be up and running rapidly.
  • Online support – Subscribers have unlimited access to online support.

SAYS Import Wizard

The SAYS platform features a powerful, robust wizard for importing your data. It features data templates, platform integrations, and an advanced ETL tool to clean and import your data. This section on SAYS Import Wizard will walk you through the various tools and features of the import wizard.

SAYS Platform Applications