ODIN Platform

ODIN is Opturo’s web-based analytics and reporting platform. It leverages the data management capabilities of Opturo’s Virtual Investment Analytics (VIA) platform to provide the rapid deployment of multiple on-site or hosted solutions.

Performance & Attribution

Comprehensive Performance (Buy & Hold and Trade-based) and Attribution (Decision, Decision-Risk, and Market Multi-Factor and Fixed-Income Yield Curve) capability. It includes the following additional features for in-depth analysis and effective reporting:

  • User-specified decision tree for fully robust decision analysis.
  • Time-series Analytics from the Security-level.
  • Time-series visualization, including Line Graphs (with time slider) and Calendar Heat Maps.
  • Fully adjustable period visualizations including Tree Maps, Segment Trees, Bar Charts, Scatter Plots and Pie Charts, all with drill-down capability.
  • Multiple Customizable Column Views.
  • Multiple Customizable Dashboard Views.

Adaptive Real-Time Reporting (ART)

Low-latency dynamic and flexible Portfolio, Customizable Segment and Security level Historical/Real-time reporting engine that seamlessly interfaces with any database. The inputs are time-series of security-level attributes such as weight, return, market value, gain/loss, purchase and/or sale trade costs, etc., generated by either the Opturo Performance & Attribution engine or other third party systems. It incorporates many of the outputs of Performance & Attribution for in-depth analysis and reporting.

Risk Summary

Detailed ex-ante portfolio summary and risk decomposition analysis, incorporating any third-party factor-based risk model. Single and multi-period time-series analysis is provided, as is Drilldown capabilities stepping through selected customizable segments (e.g.: Sector, Industry etc.).

Ex-Post Analytics and Ex-Post Analytics Upload

Comprehensive comparative Fund vs. Benchmark, Ex-Post Return and Risk Analytics for a stream of daily or monthly portfolio-level returns stored in any database or from an uploaded Excel File. Also available is a customizable Rolling Term (e.g.: 60 month or 5 year) Analysis of fund and benchmark returns. All are offered in PDF and Excel reports with customizable header, footer and logo.


A comprehensive composite management solution designed to provide a complete platform for achieving and maintaining GIPS® compliance. VICAP offers users a way to fully automate the construction and reporting of investment composites. VICAP can also significantly shorten the timeline and complexity of an initial GIPS® verification.


Application Builder

Config-based UI which enables users to build custom reports via dynamic HTML. Organizations may use App Builder to customize what reports and associated options and settings to which each user has access.

Data Management Tools

User Files

Tool enabling the dissemination of batch reports by allowing the download and export of a single report or a folder containing sets of reports.

Data Manager

Maintenance tool to add/modify any database data (e.g.: Transaction, Price etc.) with data audit tracking feature.

Process Manager

Tool allowing users to execute any customizable data or analytic VIA processes, including customizable reports and quantitative back-tests. The output of these processes can be made available to other applications including Excel through Web Service calls.

Multi-Language and Platform Localization

Opturo’s global client footprint introduces challenges and opportunities for improving our platform through continuous development. While much of the financial world is English language-focused, we’ve made the commitment to offer clients options as to what language best suits their users.

To date we've added the following languages to our platform:

  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)


Through our culture of development, our multi-language functionality has been designed to be just as scalable as the rest of our platform. As a result, we are able to add additional languages in a rapid and responsive fashion. Do you prefer or require a language we don’t currently offer? Are there other functionalities which are specific to your local market which other vendors are not addressing and you would like to see? Please contact us and we can discuss a roadmap to provide for what you are looking.