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About Opturo Health

Opturo®, Latin for Optimal Management, is a technology company specializing in providing reliable, innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions to help optimize operational services for the healthcare industry and beyond.

Opturo was founded in 2008, we evaluated the existing Investment Analytics Vendor Solutions and found two major flaws in finance and now healthcare.

Implementations of these systems takes years and often fails because of complex technical and organization project requirements that require the replication of existing data into new database schemas. This leads to increased data replication & synchronization issues and the related maintenance overhead and project delays. Firms typically outgrow products in matter of years because of the inherent lack of Flexibility due to rigid "black box" system architecture. In these systems, the analytical engine is tightly coupled to the data model and any change require months of planning and development.

Opturo centered its design criteria around addressing both of these issues by creating a platform that allows for data source agnostic bolt-on solutions coupled with organizational business logic. Opturo provides a stateless and modular API based approach to designing and implementing any process or custom application using existing data sources.

VIA, an acronym for “Virtual Implementation Architecture” has evolved over the years to become a first of its kind market offering that helps any firms across any industry streamline, automate and manage all its data driven operational processes.

VIA provides the foundational platform to other value-added products including Web Services, Distributed Computing, Workflow Management and Tactical Solutions Platform. VIA offers a suite of products that provide the necessary tools to help firms achieve a high-level of operational efficiency while significantly lowering costs. It is the mission of Opturo® to deliver superior information technology solutions to our clients to optimize their operational processes while driving down associated costs and effort.

Key Benefits


Opturo Health’s various analytical solutions can be implemented in a fraction of the time of competing systems, as we leverage each client’s unique infrastructure. Data formatting, replication and synchronization issues can be minimized or eliminated with an Opturo Health implementation.


Opturo Health believes that data security is extremely important. All data can be encrypted at rest using an industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. This encryption is HIPAA complaint. Opturo Health also has extensive tools for Enterprise Data Governance and the de-identification of sensitive data.

Speed and Scalability

Opturo Health’s innovative architecture provides clients with a platform which can be scaled to meet the needs and scope of any project. Whether leveraging significant proprietary data infrastructure or going to the cloud, Opturo Health can help the largest enterprises address their big data challenges.

Advanced Reporting

Opturo Health offers clients the industry’s most robust suite of reporting and visualization tools. Transparent data and model calculations allow cascading time series drill-down visualization. Clients are provided the tools to create custom reports themselves, or they can leverage our professional staff to assist.

Flexible Customization

Is your infrastructure robust enough to meet the challenges and opportunities the future may present? Opturo Health offers our clients a modular platform which is inherently flexible and able to respond to emergent trends and requirements, whether it be for data management, reporting or analytical needs.

Cloud or Local Deployment

Opturo Health can be deployed in the cloud or within a client’s existing infrastructure. Opturo Health is agnostic and works with each client to insure a deployment that makes the most sense for each client’s business priorities, whether they are regulatory-driven or business model preference.

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