A solutions-based system to design, integrate, automate and simplify reporting and data analysis for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Effectively Manage Data

From multiple sources and create services around them

Improve Operational Workflows

Scale on-demand to meet the dynamic and growing need for improved and more frequent reporting

Lower Costs

Increase productivity of creating, managing, and integrating data for analysis and reports

Flexible Open Architecture

Healthcare systems are challenged by architectures that are simply too slow and inflexible to meet the analytical demands of the modern healthcare organization.

Reduces Operational Expenses

Opturo Health reduces operational expenses related to data integration and analytics so that teams can focus less time on data integration and management and spend more time on the analysis required to provide better outcomes for patients.

Self-Service Platform

Deliver a platform for creating analytics and reporting across multiple systems and data sources in a single self-service platform that encourages teams to collaborate and re-use their best work.

Potential Use Cases

Healthcare Quality Performance

Link Healthcare Quality Performance to Provider Reimbursement

Extract & Clean Data

Extract data you need from any source and adjust for consistency.

Patient Safety Analysis

Reports For Analyzing Patient Safety Data

Merge Various Data Sources

Join all relevant data from clinical, insurance, demographic, and more.

Enterprise Data Governance

Anonymize, Mask, Filter, and Hide Healthcare Data

Rules-Based Analytics

Develop complex business rules for any process or solution.

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