Opturo Cloud Hosting

Opturo provides Cloud Hosting services for all of its major products: Performance & Attribution, Ex-Post Analysis, Risk Assessment, and VICAP compositing for GIPS® compliance. By choosing the Cloud Hosting solution, clients avoid the time, cost and expertise necessary to set up, store and properly maintain a data warehouse. With Opturo Cloud Hosting, clients can receive batch reporting and analyze their data using either Opturo's on-site desktop application suite or over the web using ODIN, Opturo's web-based deployment.

Client data stored through Opturo Cloud Hosting is secure, automatically backed up, and continuously monitored by Opturo for inconsistencies or missing data. Behind the scenes, Opturo leverages its Virtual Investment Analytics (VIA) platform to transfer any necessary client data to Opturo's remote database servers.

The system will import, scrub, transform and analyze (performance and attribution) on-the-fly. Opturo provides reliable results with the quickest implementation. Clients can have comprehensive hosted Performance & Attribution, Risk Assessment or Composite Reporting capability in a matter of days or weeks instead of months or years. Results can be exported to a variety of custom reports in PDF and Excel. Using ODIN, clients can also take advantage of Opturo's interactive charts and reports through any web browser. This allows the client to visualize and drill-down to the analysis important to him or her.

Integrate with Open-Source Tools

Tactical Project Consulting and Development

Opturo’s professional staff offers nearly a century of combined experience including developing quantitative models, software engineering and development, performance and risk management, and active portfolio management. The Opturo platform provides our professionals with powerful analytical tools which can be leveraged through our consulting services in order to address tactical needs for your business. This marriage of powerful tools and human capital offers our clients efficient and cost effective services which they may not enjoy in-house.

For example, we’ve built interfaces with external brokers for clients for the purpose of locating and tracking short positions. We’ve built Real Time Order Management Systems dealing with multiple asset classes, and also a web-based Fundamental Analyst Ratings interface. We have a passion for creating and building innovative products and solutions, whether they are our own or for clients.

Backtesting & Customization

Opturo’s VIA data management platform can be used to design and build infrastructures that support the Quantitative Modeling for the management of funds. This infrastructure enables the client to build a platform of quantitative products that have been back-tested thoroughly and quickly providing a robust environment for day-to-day running of the quantitative model.

Opturo allows data to be gathered from many disparate sources (Fame®, Factset®, Excel, Oracle, etc.) into the back-test or daily Optimization environment. Using VIA, a robust back-test environment can be built that allows a quick and detailed back-test of the alpha model. It could take weeks to setup a back-test environment for each alpha model, but by leveraging VIA, models can be back-tested thoroughly in a matter of days. New and existing Quantitative Modeling processes, including daily or monthly optimization processes, can be streamlined and automated, thus creating an efficient modeling process and freeing up resources to concentrate on model building rather than process maintenance. Users may run multiple back-tests for a range of parameters.

Multi-Language and Platform Localization

Opturo’s global client footprint introduces challenges and opportunities for improving our platform through continuous development. While much of the financial world is English language-focused, we’ve made the commitment to offer clients options as to what language best suits their users.

To date we've added the following languages to our platform:

  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)


Through our culture of development, our multi-language functionality has been designed to be just as scalable as the rest of our platform. As a result, we are able to add additional languages in a rapid and responsive fashion. Do you prefer or require a language we don’t currently offer? Are there other functionalities which are specific to your local market which other vendors are not addressing and you would like to see? Please contact us and we can discuss a roadmap to provide for what you are looking.