About Opturo

Opturo®, Latin for Optimal Management, is a financial software and consultancy firm specializing in providing reliable, innovative, practical and cost effective Investment Management solutions backed by extensive financial industry experience and state-of-the-art technology. We provide products and services primarily in the areas of Performance, Risk, GIPS and Investment Process Automation.

It is the mission of Opturo® to deliver superior information and technology solutions to our clients to optimize their investment processes.  We strive to achieve successful outcomes, with flexible and customizable, cost-effective products and services.  We place specific emphasis on unparalleled customer service, through the individual and combined synergetic commitment of our professionally talented team.

Our products are unique:

  • They do not duplicate effort and data.
  • They are scalable and flexible to meet the firm’s current and future requirements quickly and seamlessly.
  • They incorporate both conventional and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver an effective solution.

These attributes make our products the next generation of cost & time saving investment solutions.

We have pioneered and built an industry first "Investment Process Automation" platform called VIA. This platform was developed in response to an inherent need to streamline and automate the numerous large and small investment processes that are spawned to support the investment decision making process. These processes typically range from the mundane extracting market data from vendor files to the complex quantitative/fundamental modeling & back-testing and performance, risk and research analysis/reporting.

The VIA platform is also the foundation of our unique and proprietary plug & play technology. We have leveraged this technology in all our products, which provides the following unique benefits:

  • Rapid deployment with little or no implementation costs.
  • Customization.
  • Affordable Analytics: Opturo’s systems can be leveraged, cost effectively, by all asset management firms ranging from the larger retail and institutional to the smaller RIA and Independents. Its best-of-breed analytics explain performance & risk down to the trade/security and decision levels, providing valuable insight to both the firm and its clients. Traditionally, access to such comprehensive analytics has previously been cost prohibitive for smaller firms.  Opturo puts the most advanced analysis within the grasp of all investment firms.



At Opturo, we have built a suite of cost effective products and services that offer targeted solutions to optimize business processes. Benefits of using Opturo:

  • Instant Solutions: Opturo understands that clients have immediate needs that must be met.  Our ranges of products offer rapid deployment using our unique and proprietary plug & play technology.
  • Very Low Implementation Costs: With our innovative plug & play technology, clients pay little or no installation costs.
  • Flexible Solutions: We understand that each client’s business process is unique.  Our open system design, that has incorporated few assumptions, allows our product’s to be configured to the way a business operates and not the other way around.  Our solutions are designed to meet and exceed all our client’s requirements and can be customized based on client specifications.
  • Cost Effective Solutions: Our products are priced to be affordable, regardless of the firm’s size. Coupled with our low implementation costs, they provide a very cost effective solution with enhanced ROI.
  • Advanced Analysis:  All underlying calculations are rigorously structured to be both mathematically consistent and precisely economically appropriate to the financial concepts being modeled.
  • Investment Process Optimization: All our products are designed to streamline and automate the business processes they support.


Professional Services

We also offer cost effective and superior professional services. Benefits of using Opturo services:

  • Quick ROI: We understand that time is money and solutions were needed yesterday. Backed by years of financial industry and investment system experience, Opturo will guarantee the project will be completed better, faster and at a lower cost than the alternative.
  • Optimized Process: With years of experience automating investment processes, we look to streamline and automate new and existing process that requires little or no maintenance and overhead.
  • Dedicated Professional Team: Our unique approach to consultancy tasks brings with it, professionalism and attention to detail, rendering quality and dependable service, irrespective of project size and complexity, in an equitable and credible manner, to all enterprises, big and small.
  • Lower Project Costs: Constant endeavor and attention, to ensure comparatively lower and acceptable level of project costs, through continuous concentration on the deliverables and unimpeachable quality of work output.
  • No Additional Billing for Time Overruns: Evaluation, submission of quotation (Complete Project Price), firm and established time-lines, with defined deliverables and budget.