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Ready to go components for data management, data governance, data reconciliation, UI’s, web services, analysis reporting and much more.

Rapidly build solutions for any industry on the Software At Your Service (SAYS) Platform. Explore a few use cases below.



Solutions for Performance, Attribution, Return/Risk Analysis, & GIPS® Composite Management

Opturo Health


Data Management & Reporting Solutions for Patient Safety Organizations and other Healthcare Providers

Data Governance

Bolt-on platform to define policies and rules in real-time across the entire enterprise to securely access and protect sensitive data.

Implementing custom data centric software applications is tedious, time-consuming and requires expertise in application programming and database management. Building custom applications to address a diverse set of business objectives without the benefit of a common Solutions Platform leads to more complexity and a spaghetti mix of data and systems.

Opturo’s Solutions Platform addresses these common goals:

  • Efficiently manage data and easily create services around it.
  • Avoid data replication and redundancy.
  • Cater to a wide range of operational requirements within one platform.
  • Avoid one-off solutions that are difficult to support and maintain in the long-term.
  • Effectively manage operational workflows and scale on-demand.

Firms are better served with a platform that offers a coding-free modular architecture and provides unlimited flexibility to design and implement any client/internal facing process or custom solution. The platform should also support scalability and ease-of-use requirements in order to meet time sensitive deadlines while lowering costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Opturo was designed from inception on the following foundational principal:

Without robust, clean and current data, applications are not effective!

Adhering to this principal, Opturo has incorporated the following:

  • Business-intelligent proprietary data models with built-in data validation, reconciliation and anonymization (to de-identify sensitive data element anywhere including in free text)
  • Data Connectors to numerous third-party sources including SQL Server, Oracle, Text, Excel, PDF and Web Services.
  • Business Intelligence & Rules Engines to provide un-paralleled flexibility in managing data.

These and other innovations from Opturo sets our platform miles ahead of the competition.

Turnkey Solutions Builder: 3 Step Process to rapid custom application implementation.


To support your custom application, identify one or more data sources and/or create a custom Data Model.

Integrate your third-party source such as Databases, Text, Excel, or API without the need to duplicate and replicate data.

Configure to generate a unified dataset.


Create the Blueprint for your custom application using our drag-and-drop IDE

This can be broken down to the following:

1. Create a unified dataset using data connectors and transformation modules

2. Define the applications variables as UI settings. Using the platform's extensive widget library including single-select/multi-select dropdown, text field, date (static/dynamic) field, color palette selector and image/file upload with the option to customize layout by tabs and field sets.

3. Design the process flow to implement the application’s custom business logic or analysis functions using ready to-go modules.

4. Define the application’s output to either one or many options including Online Grid, PDF, Excel, Text and Web Services.

5. Run tests and save Process Blueprint as an ASCII text file.


Register the new Application’s Blueprint ASCII text file with the Process Server

Once new process is registered, the UI is dynamically rendered and application is ready to use.

Create Custom Reporting, Analytics, & Dashboards

Applications are automatically Web Services enabled for the efficient dissemination of data and analysis to other systems.

Integrated Data Security

Automated Data Governance through self-service data access with Seamless Privacy Control

  • De-identify sensitive data across any field type including elements contained in free text
  • Extensive library of anonymization methods including Masking, Pseudonymization, Swapping and Perturbation.
  • Ability to provide Restricted Data View for designated users.

User Entitlements & Multi-Tenancy

Granular User Permissioning Functionality and Stronger Access Controls for each Entity (Tenant)

  • Flexible Entity Management (Create, Update and Delete)
  • Definition of Multiple Role Types
  • Entity Access Restrictions
  • System, Application and Data Access Restrictions
  • Two Factor Authentication Login